My Name's Matt.

I'm A Pragmatic Problem Solver Working In The Health Industry.

I’ve spent 15 years in the health industry helping people create the health they need to live the life they want. I’m committed to long-term and sustainable results – I’m not interested in the quick-fix that just feels good for 24 hours. 

A Little About Me...

With over a decade of experience, I’ve worked with thousands of clients to help them find sustainable ways to improve and maintain their health & wellbeing.

I’m a little different to your traditional Osteopath because I’m focused on giving YOU the keys to your health & guiding you along the way. That’s where my background in Personal Training & Coaching comes in. Whether you’re dealing with pain/injury, chronic health issues or just want to improve your health & fitness, my goal is to help you get started and navigate through all the obstacles that will (inevitably) get in your way.

My extensive and well-rounded approach combines all the tools I’ve gathered through my personal & professional life and helps you implement them in the simplest way possible for the best results.

Matt’s Qualifications:
– Bachelor of Biomedical Science
– Bachelor of Clinical Science
– Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy)
– First Principles of Movement Provider
– Certified Biomechanics Specialist
– Certificate III/IV in Fitness
– ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist
– Qualified Ergonomic Assessor
– Practicing Health Coach

You Can Find Me At...

Founder & Director of Health + Performance

Creating Australia’s #1 Sustainable Health Program – Longevity Project Australia™. Work with myself and other Qualified Health Pro’s to unlock your potential and transform your health. Feel more capable, confident and in-control of your health than ever before so you can live better, longer.

Executive Health Coach, Ergonomic Assessor
Guest Speaker / Presenter.

Independent contractor teaming up with Corporate Health Management to deliver sustainable health programs to their extensive list of corporate clients.